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Poetry (by me)

I have always written prose and poetry of sorts in diaries I keep. It wasn't until 2021 during Covid that I joined a poetry group through Tumblr and started to write more regularly.

I enjoy poetry as it allows me to feel, to spend time in thoughts and moments exploring their nature. This is one of the reasons I have come to like rhyming poetry (I do both). Rhyming is a craft that requires you to spend time in the writing, exploring alternative words, ipso facto exploring alternative feelings and meanings. That to me is the core of poetry, exploring, reliving and making sense of things.

I have denoted some of the shorter pieces (Haiku and Qualia). These are shorter pieces intended to convey 'moments of connectedness'. I like these as they feel closer to some sort of conscious realisation in the world.

There is also some original poetry in Echoes & Meditations.

> 2023/24 > The Road > Perfect Day
> 2022    > Heavy, Light > It Is Time
> 2021 & earlier  > The Table  
> Accident  .  
> Dementia  > Breaking > Don't Know Where They Go
> Quietly Gently > Approaching
> Echoes > Glimpses of Stillness > Old Man Gum Tree
> Meditations > No Epiphany > That, That is Not
> The Dry Dungheap > Absurd
  > Tomorrows > Muffins
  > I Sense > Living
> Bigger Than Me > Can't See
> Could Have Been Better > Roaming with Ducks
> Insanity > Morning
> For No Reason > Talk and Talk (and Talk)
> We Blink > Not Winning
> Over and Over, Again and Again > Duress
  > Oily > Strong
  > I Don't Know What's Real Anymore > That Moment


> My Sage > A Little Bit of Yeah
  > Perhaps Me > Never Mind
  > More (Seeing People) > Coming My Way


> Uncaring (t4) > Murders'
  > Bowed Out (t3) > Are We Good
  > The Light (t2) > A Note From the Light
  > Rongbuk (t1) > A Little Bit of Religion
  > The Van > Adagio
  > Fighting for Something > People I Know
  > Choosing the Bus > Veiled
  > Filling the Void > I Am Here
  > Turtle Steps > Sensing Place
  > Obscurity > Transient
  > (No One) In the Middle of The Night > Cornered
  > Nadeen& Michael > Rarer Air
  > Winning > No Fanfare
  > Uncovering Emus > Childhood Walls
  > All of a Sudden We Are Here
* Haiku & Qualia (Moments)
t - Time did not age prompt
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