The Light (Time Did Not Age - 2)
6th June 2023

Time did not age that laugh,
nor quieten the eyes that peered from within,
it had no power to diminish the exuberant fascination,
with the world,
or the enjoyment of all around that ensued,
above mere mortality,
irreproachable, and irrepressible,

...until it was not,
until all that remained were echoes,
...and loss, and loneliness,
in those left behind,
rueing the taking of a light,
that was never supposed to be stifled.


Prompt: time did not age

Written I think for the irrepressible,
the forces of nature, like Cam, and
Frank, those who we will miss more
than we know should we lose them.



Travelling Monk,
Luomen Station,
Gansu, China.

Bowed Out Poetry (mine) Rongbuk copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023