Rongbuk (Time Did Not Age - 1)
6th June 2023

There is a place,
where cold winds blow,
an icy valley,
pockmarked with boulders and rubble,
delivered by snow melt,
from peaks with a heavenly aspect.

Time does not age this place,
it sits there silently,
imposing its nature,
its solidity,
on all that it surrounds,
all it comes in contact with,

...and in that valley,
amongst those peaks,
the echoes of a small and faint trail,
of a life that passed through many years previous,
that now meanders its way through lowlands,
cities and countrysides,
challenges and experiences,
that are removed,
distant and unknown,
by this place.

Yet however faint,
the trail is still there,
this life …to that valley
to its majesty,
its past and its present,
to the timeless observations it has made on the world,
and the lessons it has offered to those who pass,
around it, through it.

It travels with me still,
the faint echo of that valley,
that I would do well to listen to,
and to draw from more often,
during my brief time here.

Prompt: time did not age


Rongbuk Monastery,

The Light Poetry (mine) The Van copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023