Bowed Out (Time Did Not Age - 3)
6th June 2023

Time did not age me,
it took people,
friends and lovers,
enemies and adversaries,
the close, and the far;

there were the door to door sales people,
the shitty politicians and lawyers,
newspapers, inventing their lies,
those pretending to give a damn, their fake smiles,
stealing my youth, and my optimism,
quashing my childlike fascination …and enjoyment of the world, bit by painful fucking bit,
until what was left,
...I no longer recognised,
and I slipped out, bowed out, silently from this world,
not really certain,
of what had happened,
along the way.

Prompt: time did not age

Written I think pushing back in anger at the world. No I don’t hate travelling salesmen, or even politicians and lawyers for that matter, but I do find the constant need to interact, laborious, and tiring.


Detail Fishing Boat,
Baga Beach,
Goa, India.

Uncaring Poetry (mine) The Light copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023