Seeing Self (the Stanford Experiment)
17 October 2021

Uncomfortable to watch,
humanity bare;
ugly traits unspoken,
…but there.

Is this us?
and me?
Logic dictates the horrible;
…that it must be.

How many blind spots,
delusions at play?
I daren’t confront this question.
They protect and keep sane,
…but they are not just,
…or humane.

Binding cords unwound,
bring rushing blood, and pain,
reveal a precipice,
in which demise and morality reign.

…but I fear to fall,
and so will pass obsolete,
once enlightened,
my demise then complete.

Instead generations will bring
change required.
Too late for me however,
…for I have lied.

How to transcend laws woven simply by being?
Perhaps through poetry, starting by seeing?

Inspiration: Stanford prison experiment unveiling the abhorent natural tendancies of human behaviour (Stanford University)


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