19 December 2021

That kid’s clothes,
not like mine,
don’t align,
‘you are weird’.

Awkward teenage crush,
what mattered before,
don’t no more,
‘this is weird’.

Work and struggle,
just to pay,
again and again every day,
‘making ends meet is weird’.

Power and fame,
bad behaviours very game,
‘they are weird’.

Mental Health,
up and down,
what is what, swirling round
‘am I weird?’

Good and bad,
don’t make sense,
what was simple,
now intense,
‘everything so weird!’

But puzzles fit,
in strange ways,
and we all matter
and ‘weird …is ok’.

In fact special things,
need cuts above,
need super-weird,
and ‘that I love’.

Prompt: Weird


Weirdness all around, Baga Beach, India.

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copyright information Copyright Sunda 2021