On the Tips of Toes
16th November 2022

on the tippy tip tips of my toes,
trying to see what’s over the fence…

Only now it seems I can’t retreat.
can’t get back to that place of comfort,
instead I constantly try to balance,
holding back tides,
keeping heads above water,
trying to rise, above,
the never enough,
…to what?

To enough? …there never is.
To the place where there is no answering to others maybe?
to no expectations, to no confusing machinations,
…but they are the fabric of life,
and they will always be there.

Maybe just to myself then,
to acceptance, and contentment,
how strange then this struggle,
…to me,
when It’s been me, here all along.

Prompt: On your toes.


Suburban horror.

Between Poetry (mine) Suburban copyright information Copyright Sunda 2022