21st November 2022

Living the thin aluminium strip between carpet and concrete,
in the forward slash,
that unmarked gap between two empty beckoning boxes.

Hostile environments, visited by death and the spittle of cis (every six months),
such is a world I won’t ever fully understand,
their sweeping plains,
ill-considered pains,
harshly surrendered gains,
awkwardness and fear,
needing to explains,
...that I won’t ever fully understand.

But I want to,
I want to make room.

Inspired by a Parlour interview with Simona Castricum
(Architect, Musician, Transgender advocate UniMelb).


Broken Soldiers
Terra Cotta Army,
Xian, China.


Never the Master Poetry (mine) On the Tips of Toes copyright information Copyright Sunda 2022