Old Books (Long)
16 March 2022

When you stare into the eye of a whale it is said that you are changed forever.

My bookshelves are oceans, in them the keys to our humanity, to day in and day out, to better understanding the messy swirly universe that envelops us, moves through us.

Crafted words plied through the ages by awakened souls, shared secrets inhabit those pages waiting to be freed, waiting to grant enlightenment to willing travellers passing by, to change them forever.

Nobody stays, our lives earth to earth and dust to dust,
but in books there dwells eternity …and so read, we must!

Prompt - Old Books, Nobody Stays
Inspiration: Skywhales talk, Patricia Piccinini (Artist) describing her wish that her art changes people like the experience of looking into the eye of a whale (which is said to be so profound that you are never the same again).

This is the long form (original composition). Retuern to the short form here.

Nothing is Lost

Short Form

Image from Patricia Piccinini (Arsist) & Artshub.


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