The Present (Contrary)
8 March 2022

Conventional wisdom,
I decry,
I piss on the present,
it’s all a lie.

Here is hard work,
there is pain and confrontation,
torrid reality,

Let me ponder instead,
futures still to be written,
dreams looming large,
with which I can be smitten.

Energised by the eternity,
between now and then,
everything is achievable,
just a matter of when.

Or allow me to think back,
to when grasses were greener,
and memory selective;
I was much leaner.

Let me relive past glories,
we were larger than life,
laughed at our fears,
got in all manner of strife.

But alas;
allow if you will the denial that protects my being,
please don’t force me into the present,
…and into seeing.

Prompt - Forecast
Inspiration – Salman Rushdie ““What you are going through... is the disorientating feeling of having slipped for
a few moments into the present.”


Boy Monks, Friendship Highway, Tibet
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