4th August 2023

No cosmic unification in a flash of light, or finding of ultimate secrets, or anything very much at all that I can tell anyway. If anything, we probably build more and more complicated, twisted, and falsely ornate, versions of reality and truth as we explore all of that stuff. The reality is closer to different flavours of rough and tumble, about which nothing ever changes.

You live as you live …and you pass.

Consequential or not, it is and that is all, we don’t get to win or lose, we just pass, …along with everyone and every most other thing around us, in this world.


Prompt: Rough and Tumble

Inspiration: Bab Ram Dass, modern guru who lived out his final years in an unremarkable living room in Maui, Hawaii; bound to this Earth and to living and dying no less or no more than anyone else.

Baba Ramm Dass
(born Richard Alpert),
1970, San Francisco,
Modern Day Guru and author of Be Here Now

Photo: Robert Altman/Getty Images.

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