Can't See
27th July 2023

Building, building, building,
concrete and smog displacing still night air,
bushland and wildlife, no longer there,
traffic cones, flashing yellow lights,
noise and disruption,
the roots of ills,
of our destruction.

People, people, people,
they need to be placed,
done with honesty it could be,
but many miles displaced,
trashed sacred sites,
extraction, exploiting,
the raping of our land,
noted as ‘somewhat’,

Waste, waste, waste,
another’s problem,
never addressed,
the outcomes they are solemn,
compromised ethics,
morals that fall,
if it’s too costly to do properly,
it shouldn’t be done at all.

In blindness, deafness, muteness,
with hands on our children’s throats,
we investigate and we see,
but flawed logic tells us it’s others,
where the problems must be,
it seems I can’t accept the uncomfortable truth,
accept or agree,
…that it’s probably,

Prompt: The Still Night, Concrete and Smog.



Warmiwañusca (Dead Woman’s) Pass,
Day 1, Inca Trail,

Living Poetry (mine) Roaming with the Ducks copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023