Glimpses of Stillness
14th October 2023

Stillness in the air,
the absence of sound more than simple quiet,
unheard the ripples of the water,
of the myriad of machinations,
rising from below,
forming the flow,
that feeds, through the maze.

The Pelican I see,
in a hazy mist on the pier,
standing comfortably near,
in its silence,
it knows,
how to navigate the maze.

I feel it too,
forces larger than me,
bluer than the sky,
deeper than the sea,
but I am a pretender,
a visitor to this place,
I am in awe of its grace,
and I,

…I struggle,
and get lost,

…in the maze.



Barrier Landing Pier,
Gippsland Lakes,

Quietly Gently Poetry (mine) No Epiphany copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023