Rewritten (apapted) 16th October 2022 from diary passage written Februiary1996 while travelling.
Original passage also appears here.

Travelling for any length of time you become aware of the cycles around you, know the rising and setting of the sun, the waxing and waning of the moon, you begin to live with the seasons.

The heat of the day, the cool of the night, the rain and the wind; they become things to be experienced, coalescing in an enlightening reality around you.

At home, they disappear,
hidden by things imagined more important,
things that entangle and constrict minds,
…and being.

Grant me please,
the clarity of thinking required
that when I return,
I do not forget, ...this simple truth.



Rajput Man ,
Thar 'Desert, India.

An ugly Piece of Writing Poetry (mine) Alternate Pathways copyright information Copyright Sunda 2022