16th May 2016, rewritten 10th November 2022.

I was found by an image,
it crept into my phone,
from where I do not know,
and somehow,
it is speaking to me.

I still haven’t figured out what it is saying,
but I sense it holds an obtuse message,
deep inside,
…and I sense this message holds a certain power,
power as inanimate objects hold power,
as supported by string,
ready to fall,
…and to swing.

It knows of something,
and it is trying to eek it out of me,
and I sense it will be interesting,
perhaps confronting,
but I still,
…don’t know,
…what it is.

Prompt: Power


Shopping Trolley image,
found on my phone,

Waht are you Doing Poetry (mine) Early Morninbg (City) copyright information Copyright Sunda 2022