When I Grow Up
12th December 2022

When I grow up,
I want to eat cheese from the moon,
immerse myself in fairy tales, dance with the dish and the spoon,
I want to learn magic from the elves living at the bottom of my garden,
burp extra-long burps, without saying pardon,
ride my bike into space, proclaim myself king of the world,
grow long moustaches, that I can curl, and twirl.
I want to serve tea to royalty, on a fancy rug in my room,
chase the gold at the end of rainbows,
…and pretend the world,
…is not full of doom.

When I grow up,
I want to play in the sun,
I want to love you…
and to love life…
and to live it …until we are done

Prompt: When I grow up.

Rail Carriages (and Locals),

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