Watches and Time
31st March 2022

I want serious discussions, that sound the depths of feelings, of the world around,

I don’t want to progress, or to solve, or to untangle. I don’t think so,

I want to spend time in that place, observing, and reflecting,

For it is solace to me, it is my life, my energy,
…a reverie.

Join me there, close your eyes and hold me love, time will slow until it ceases,
and we will be,
…set free.

Watches, Sidewalk, Vietnam: This photo of watches on the streets of Hanoi holds a lot for me. The beauty of the watches and what they mean, their iriner workings, gears and jewels, their history, the places they have been and the people that have owned them, worn them. The fact that they have ended up here on the streets of Hanoi amongst intersecting threads from Asia, the French Orient, and tourism from the world over. Even the fact that some of them may be fake (according to my friend Innes who assures me that USD750 is way cheap for an old Rolex)…

...this glass cabinet is a beautiful corner of the world.

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