Until We Go
21st October 2022

And I will chase the change,
and I will move and dream,
and the circles I draw will turn upon each other until they form a blurry form,
that becomes a norm,
that becomes what I want it to be,
and that will last,
…and last, and last, and last …until it doesn’t.

And there will be more,
more endless circles,
tripping, skipping, flipping,
overlapping, …trapping,
and people will come and go,
and we will be blinded with love and bound by rage,
struggle with work, our thoughts on a page,
and the universe will lay horrible things at our door,
until we can take it no more,
and the world will appear to care,
…and care, and care, and care, …until it doesn’t.

And our lives will continue to be lived,
futures orchestrated, knives serrated, individuals …berated,
and dust will collect on shiny surfaces,
once coveted they will change,
…and change, and change, and change, …until we recognise them no more.

And then we will rise from ashes,
and our circles will be drawn anew,
will grow from discarded and rekindled loves altruistic in form,
and so beautiful they will be,
that we will nurture and caress and care,
…and care, and care, and care, …until …we no longer do.

And all the while …I will think, …and you will be,
and things will move, and we will try to see,
and as we dance, the skies will turn,
forests burn, oceans churn,
lessons, …be learned,
…learned, and learned, and learned, …until they are not,

And towards the end, things will slow,
affect the flow,
imperceptibly the earth will still move beneath our feet,
…and continue to age,
and we, …we will continue to rage,
…and rage, and rage, and rage,

...until we go.

Prompt: No negotiation

Nun, Angor Wat,

Knowing Little People Poetry (mine) No Negotiation copyright information Copyright Sunda 2022