28th September 2023

At the end it dwindles to a nothing,
and when you work your way back from that nothing,
you realise our efforts …they are in vain,
the working, the saving, the sacrifice,
as walking in the rain,
tomorrows, eventually they run out of yesterdays,
and all that is left …is now.

As it has always been,
happy, sad, all the same,
this 'is', all there is,
the only game,
everything else transient circles,
we must caress the dwindling trail,
revel in it’s beauty while it is here,
an existential must.
as our tomorrows disappear.

And when the that quiet ending is around the corner,
that peaceful nothing we have also dwindled to,
rest in it's warm embrace,
knowing that you have felt,
...what it is,
to be alive.

Inspiration: Alan Watts, there is nothing at the end.

Light on Paved Floor,
Higashi Honganji Temple, Kyoto,

The Dry Dungheap
Poetry (mine)
I Sense copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023