That Moment
4th April 2023

That feeling when things come together,
and all is right with the world,
for a moment;

time almost stalls in that moment,
no pushing, no shouting, no manoeuvring,
I am left alone to drift,

the world quietens, sounds from outside arrive without emotion,
no judgements, or need for returns,
the world about just is.

A tired passiveness comes over me,
invites me to succumb to a gentle sleep, in its embrace,
grants me a sense of heightened understanding, a sense of grace…

that moment, it doesn’t disappear right away,
but bit by bit, the outside seeps back in,
and fills the spaces, …as spaces need to be filled,

For the essence of time, is not to stand still,
it is movement and life, every momentary now, just,
…an until.

Prayer Stones,
Everest/Rongbuk Region,

Strong Poetry (mine) A Little Bit of Yeah copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023