Talk and Talk (and Talk)
4th July 2023

A lot of following, following, following,
and talk and talk and talk,
and suffering,
and circles,
and finally inevitably always,
…passing on.

Did we stop to think,
or we so obsessed with our transient beauty (and being) that we didn’t notice,
notice that that was there before us,
perhaps hidden, perhaps not,
but that mattered,
during our brief stay.

The future does not need us to be mindful of it,
only that we be,
I feel like we are missing opportunities,
and the point perhaps,
when I reflect on life,
when I reflect,
on me.


prompt: a lot of talk.



Neist Point Lighthouse,
Isle of Skye,

Morning Poetry (mine) We Blink copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023