People I Know
22nd February 2023

People I know have got it all wrong,
they put too much stead in what others say,
make poor life choices, that take them the wrong way,
have problems saying no, don’t enjoy life when they can,
they crave recognition and follow crowds, ignore their own plan.

People I know, have seen others come and go,
but they don’t learn the lessons, they have been shown,
they live their world in denial, project their problems outside,
their spirits used to be alive,
... but now I feel, they have died.

People I know,
have a date with reality coming,
…and I wonder,
…do they (I), ...even see it.

Prompt: People I Know



Reserved for Monks,
Bangkok, Thailand.

Adagio Poetry (mine) Veiled copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023