Not Winning
7th April 2023

Not winning,
not thriving,
not shaking or moving,
not enlivening,
barely just getting by,
barely just,

I don’t believe you when you say things are fine,
your polite responses,
are not benign,

I don’t believe you when you appear not to hurt,
for hurt is life,
steady state ...strife,

I don’t believe you when you say leave me alone,
I think you are as me,
cultivating the seeds of doom, you have sown,

let us smash this place up my love,
smash it to smithereens,
expand our minds,
reclaim some peace,

lie with me,
let’s speak that not spoke,
run our hands back through time,
to when we first woke,

thrown into life,
fresh from the womb,
sold a destiny,
that became a tomb,

lie with me, rewrite that that was,
call the world on its prodigal shame,
speak truth, fight or die,
my love, …let’s change the game.

You've got to keep on smiling,
diary extract.

All of a Sudden We Are Here Poetry (mine) Duress copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023