No Hero's Death (Dark)
20th March 2022

There are no heroes in death, just cold corpses with shit in their pants.

However I never wanted to be a hero,
I wanted to withdraw from it all,
was lured by that quiet,
that follows the fall.

It was a gradual wearing down,
a feeling of not coping again, and again,
of holding losing cards,
to play not if ...but when.

The people I loved deserved better,
I like to think I tried,
I resolved to regroup,
but my mind, it was mired.

For the battle was lost long before,
and my energy spent,
I put up ‘dead cat bounce’ struggles,
in continued descent.

My 'not forever' problems,
they were played on repeat,
so I took a forever solution,
for some rest defeat.

Prompt: Not a forever problem.
Inspiration: 'There are no heroes in death just cold corpseswith shit in their pants.’
- Post Secret quote.


Temples in fading light, Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

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