My Country
29th July 2022

Dispossessed of homeland, by generations past,
uninvited where I live, this land I love so vast,
I share a corner, with those here before,
my country, the city, a compromise, to be sure.

Labyrinth streets, traffic noise, pavements grey,
stormwater rivulets on bluestone, washing the dirt away.

Suits and the homeless, living metres, (and worlds) apart,
a society of problems, with which to take to heart.

Library cafes, peoples and places to meet,
skies vying with hi-rise, for access to the street.

Underground rail, trams, galleries, and parks,
a whole other world above, wires and sparks.

A hundred reflections of life, in which I can dwell,
'people watching' pastimes, histories to tell.

I reflect on my history, feelings of being alone,
what else to do, but to retreat to my home,
to my country,
…the city.

Inspiration: Listening to music about
indigenous relation to country.


My Country

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