18th March 2023

amongst the drink,
the rock n roll,
motorcycles and the quietness of a 16th century millhouse,
infrequent seizures on the high street.

bicycles and dogs,
womble commons,
a walk to the pond,
blood red roses on a brick wall,
the off license across the street.

the blackness in the history of the city,
in it’s dirt, it’s institutions,
in minds,
insidiously and creeping, a constant battle.

I feel it will get its way,
achieve its end,
it’s a long game we are ill equipped to fight,
somewhere out there a restful place,
this side or that…

Inspiration: Struggles of a friend with depression and drink.


Japanese billboard,
Shibuya streets,

Coming My Way Poetry (mine) Are We Good copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023