Largely Lost
23rd May 2022

Ways borne of recluses and mystics,
philosophies divined by princely seeing,
written words around a simple tradesman,
or bestowed upon a chosen messenger,
a million and more deities underlying just three,
in the world much, much, much, much thinking, …and me.

Religions abounding,
opinions resounding,
morality …floundering.

For minds move faster than truths can endure,
our wisdom on togetherness …now turned to domination,
our hopes for truth, and some sanity, …now turned to frustration.

I’m choosing to go to my grave laughing at the world,
my religion the absurd my prayers rolling in the aisles,
the inner peace I’ve been searching for,
I will find it, through smiles :).

Inspiration: Herman Melville - "Give me the folly that dimples the cheek, say I;
rather than the wisdom that curdles the blood."


Off the main road, Tibet



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