(No One) In The Middle of The Night
6th May 2023

Heavy dreams last night.
stressful dreams,
of imposting, …maybe.

Waking in a delirious state an orange light burns,
a flame in another strange construct,
contorted, I hear a sound.
distinct and feminine,
in spoken voice,

Un-nerved and frozen,
my senses suddenly heightened, search through darkness,
looking for changes in the grey around window blinds,
sleepily, desperately, trying to see, to uncover,
where it may have come from.

I wanted to speak back,
but was too afraid,
I might get a response.

Frightened of a small tear
between here and there,
in what it is that may separate,
us from them,

Frightened of what may be,
in other worlds,
spirit worlds, parallel places, realms unknown.

I am not used to being frightened in that way,
as a child,
too scared to act.

Then the moment was gone…

Writing now in the light of morning,
echoes of foreboding,
emptiness yet ripe and heavy,
with opportunity lost.

Perhaps …I am more human than I believe,
perhaps …it will come again,
and perhaps …when it does,
I may reply,

by and by.

Prompt: (No one) In the middle

Angkor Wat,

Obscurity Poetry (mine) Nadeen & Michael copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023