Gets me Through
2nd May 2022

“I do not know its name, a name for it is way”.

It is 'a something' I sense…
- in unguarded sideways glances, while getting dressed in the morning,
- in the surprise of cool air on my skin, when stepping out the front door on bin night.
- in the knowing caw of a crow hidden in our liquid amber tree, watching me,
- in the heartbeat of buildings and their people, resting and preparing for the evening,
- in the silent contentment of someone I care for munching on food, deep in thought,
- in honest work performed without fancy, according to station,
- and in translations, of well written haiku.

“Before the earth or sky began to be,
so silent, so aloof and so alone,
it changes not, nor fails, but touches all”.

I feel it's silence beckoning,
‘Walk next to me;
be in step with my substance, and my flow,
...and you will see’.

It's presence is the something in life,
that gets me through,
makes me believe in worthwhile,
and that this existence …is true.

Prompt: things that get you through

Inspiration: Verse 25, Tao Te Ching,
Blackney translation 1955
(in italics).

Tea House Roof detail,
Qingcheng Shan,
Sichuan, China.

The Only One Here Poetry (mine) Never Exempt copyright information Copyright Sunda 2022