Fighting for Something
23rd May 2023

We are all fighting the battles of our lives,
and fighting within also,
for that is our nature,
to fight,

…and we are feeling emotions,
our tears brim in sadness,
and in happiness,
and we fight them back,
because that is our nature too,
to feel,

…and it is all the same,
feeling and fighting,
struggling, through this world,
trying simply, to be,
and when you rise to view it from up high,
the sounds cease,
and you see with clarity,
in places,
the wonderous products of our invention,
and in others,
smoking guns and ruins,
and in both,
the brimming of our tears,

and incredibly then,
it becomes difficult to tell them apart,
because there are so many of us,
and they appear so different,
from all our different points of view,

…and then we despair,
and we rejoice,
and we question,
but above all,
we continue to fight and to feel,
and our eyes continue to brim,
with the tears of all that is good and bad,
and that is maybe humanity,
and that maybe makes it worthwhile,

for what else is the fight for,
that is,
…my question.


Geisha waiting to cross the street,
Shibuya Crossing,

The Van Poetry (mine) Choosing the Bus copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023