Don't be Afraid

44th September 2022

Don’t be afraid, my anxious one,
they’re all happy endings, every one,
every one different, from a different path,
forming in front of us, as we pass.

What feels like the end, and destined to fail,
is never the case, you will prevail,
cos’ we see life anew, from where we stand,
looking ahead, is never as planned.

New realities arrive, new values and truths,
ways to see the world, and happiness produce,
our minds wired to look forward, to generate hope,
rest in confidence my love, for I know you will cope.

Prompt: Dont be Affraid



Down time on mother water,
Chao Phraya (Mae Nam) river,
Bangkok, Thailand.

Meatball Poetry (mine) Unseen Cracks copyright information Copyright Sunda 2022