Spring (in Melbourne)

5th October 2022

Spring in Melbourne,
is a subdued affair,
this is Melbourne after all,
we don’t do wild free abandon so well,
we do understated, moderated.

…Bursting at the seams, intense with suspense,
quietly exuberantly colourful, brimmingly beautiful,
spirit uplifting and soul enriching,

..understatement, in moderation (of course).

The city’s gardens, birds and insects, its nature,
they are smiling,
against the grey, they know they are enough,
they are beguiling,
…in an understated, moderated, way.

Understated, Moderated
Spring in Melbourne.

Inspiration: Spring in Melbourne and Angie
Hart’s Melbourne in 60 seconds (Moderation).
Searching Poetry (mine) Indulgent copyright information Copyright Sunda 2022