Side Note
8th Aprilh 2022

I love poetry…

I love the raw self-awareness, with which I connect,
the deep running allegories, in which I reflect.
I love it’s flowery verbosity, designed to portray,
the over-felt feelings, I feel we need to convey.

I love it’s abstract descriptions, written Yoda-ish,
it’s twisted sentence structures, near gibberish,
it’s fashionable prose, hearts worn on sleeves,
adjectives flying about, dropping like leaves.

I love even more, it’s language succinct,
single line enlightenments,
single words even,

But on a side note, I worry,
too serious we are,
in danger of losing the joy,
our prose is going too far.

For heavy feelings are fine, but there is much more to it,
pacing and rhythm, lyricism, wit!
Rhyming as did the masters, I connot dismiss,
it speaks to my soul, in compositional bliss.

Prompt: Side Note


Voluptuousness in a Window, Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain.

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