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Bronze Lion Detail, Forbidden City
Mao - Forbidden City
Roof detail
Dragon Kite - Tiannamen Square
More about this photo Great Wall - Simatai
Kunming Opera To a quote with this photo
Ducks in street markets
Forbidden City
Daoist temple roof
Rice fields - Yangshou
Astronomy globe detail - Beijing
Great Wall - Simitai
Xi river
Lightning guards
Stone slab detail - Forbidden City
Xi River, Guangzhou
Sunset Guangzhou
Sunset over Guangzhou (Canton)
...taklamakan & silk road
Silk Road (extract from Foreign Devils on the Silk Road- - Peter Hopkirk)
Taklamakan (extract from Foreign Devils on the Silk road - Peter Hopkirk)
Karghilik Houses
15th Century Mosque (Jama Masjid), from streets, Kargilik
Muslim beggar woman in Street, Karghilik
Tibetan Street sellers ware, Lanzhou
Tourist Camels against Qilian Shan mountains, Jiayuguan
China South West Airlines
Sand Dunes, Kuqa
Crescent Moon Lake, Kuqa
Mogao Caves, Dunhuang
Western Thousand Buddha Caves, Dunhuang
Western extremity remains of Great Wall
Jade Gate (Yumenguan), around Dunhuang Yumenguan (Jade Gate)
Goat herders, Lake Karakul, Karakoram Hwy
Oversized Mao and Uighur Monument, Hotan
Jiayuguan Fort
Wastelands Road, Jiayuguan
Road to Hanging Wall, Jiayuguan
Northern Gate, Jiayuguan Fort
Lake Karakul, Karakoram Hwy
Making Tea, Karakul Lake
Lake Karakul
Cemetery, Lake Karakul
Local Children, Karakul Lake
Evening Light, Jaiyuguan Fort
Yak, Karakul Lake
Karakoram Hwy
Goat Herders, Karakoram Hwy
Shepherd, Karakul Lake
Local Boy, Kashgar Markets
Kashgar Markets
Goats, Kashgar Markets

Street Stall Cobblers, Kashgar

Uighur Man, Kashgar Markets
Street Barber, Old City, Kashgar
Kashgar Markets
Last minute trim, Kashgar Markets
City Wall Remains, Kashgar
Kashgar Tea House
Bakers wife, Kashgar Markets
Kuqa Markets
Street Pool, Kuqa
Taoist Temple Carving, Lanzhou
Buddhist Monk, Luomen Station
Incense, Temple, Lanzhou
Daoist Temple Roofs, Lanzhou
Han officials at Urumqi Museum
Heavenly Horse, Lanzhou
Bas Relief Buddha, Luomen
Resident Monk, Luomen
Hillside Temple, Luomen
Temple Roofs, Luomen
Market Produce
Melikawat ruins
Wind eroded wall base
Pottery Fragment, Melikawat
Taklamakan Cross Desert Hwy Scenery
Terra Cotta Warriors
Terra Cotta Army
Soldier behind glass
Scenery from Train
Hard Sleeper
Outside -15C
Velocity 132Km/Hr
Bezelik Caves, Turpan
Flaming Mountans, Turpan
Emin Minaret, Turpan
Markets, Turpan
Jiaohe Ruins , Turpan
Xian City Walls
Bicycles, Xian City Walls
Paving Stones, Xian City Walls
Waiting Passengers, Xian
Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian
Wild Goose Pagoda through courtyard trees, Xian
Buses, Southern Silk Road
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