Summer Nights
28th January 2023

Summer heat slows to evening,
the warmth remaining in the air lingering heavy with life,
distances shrink, sounds travel,
moon, stars, the heavens,
move in natural machinations across unsheathed blackness,
evidence of the undeniable clockwork in which we live.

Imagined trails of fairy dust wind their way through the tea tree,
the lake water comes alive with phosphorescent light when disturbed,
this is where hearts and souls take leave from their earthly bindings,
become free to explore and wander,
to feel and cajole, sense and seduce,
to play with the world around,
is summer.

Viewed from on high a calm circle of stillness can be seen enveloping,
a calmness that bonds in unfathomable ways,
it composes kinships of musicality and beauty between the earth and its inhabitants,
not easily denied.


Summer Nights

Rarer Air Poetry (mine) No Fanfare copyright information Copyright Sunda 2023