Little Things
Rewritten from original 28th August 2011

Little things,

…walking, talking, living, squawking, drinking coffee in rich and unique little worlds,

…expanding, bumping, pushing, thumping, against the walls of little carved out niches they have cornered for themselves,

…buzzing, humming, running, thrumming, as fast as they are possibly able before something, they know not what, runs out,

…meshing, merging, melding, splurging, cascading in and around and over the top of each other, seething in mess,

…meeting, greeting, squeaking, tweeting, making up and breaking up with each other all of the time, around and around, again and again, forever and ever.

…living, thinking, contemplating, copulating, over populating, never stop-ulating.

Myriads of them in little cities, little islands, little lands, in this little world.

How little is little then, and how together is together …or not?
…and for what?

Living and dying …yet never failing.

Lunch, Xinjiang, China.

Demigod Poetry (mine) Sometimes bleak copyright information Copyright Sunda 2011