Changing what is Real
9 November 2021

Dreams of Lucy in the sky, of excitements by and by,
expanding and enlight’ning, or escaping from the now.
Battling tradition, fuelling youth and mission,
opened minds exploring, a universal ‘very far’.

However skimming over darkness, woes and troubles heartless,
lurking in the wings heavy doors set just ajar,
Inevitable and scary, cold and quite contrary,
lives crash to pieces tragic, rivers disbanded on their bars.

Now offered as an answer, a fixer, an enhancer,
pills pull the other way to a future seen more sound,
but it becomes a battle weary,
between doctors and the dreary, drudging confusion, of what is up and down.

We should recall the vision splendid of sunlit plains extended,
words and worlds that exist not very far,
from where our troubles haunt us,
in our lives so very jaundiced, they are waiting with a thumbnail dipped in tar.

Written with inspiration and borrowings from Banjo Patterson.

J.B.Plain Hut, Victorian High Country.
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