Adapted 7th July 2022, from original 15th August 2011

Anger as talons, clawing the edges of metalware bowls, scratching nastily with half flaps of wings to maintain balance. Darting, skirting, never focusing, revolving and preoccupied, constricting minds of the capacity for anything else.

Menacing and full of direction but without purpose, they crave to take flight, clawing in the dark for flash points on which to feed and realise. Existing outside of recognisable time, or origin.

In silent moments later, amongst debris, and shame, and clearing airs, minds wonder how they were bought to that place, let that tune be raised in their heads,

Prompt: That tune


Religous Icon, Santiago, Chile.

Residue Poetry (mine) Distraction copyright information Copyright Sunda 2011